Hello everybody,

Here is a quick & easy recipe for you...

You can make it for someone you love : )


           You need for 4 BACON & EGG MUFFINS: 

                   4 peaces bread
                   3 eggs
                   a shoot of milk
                   a little bit butter
                   a little bit cheese
                   4 peaces bacon
                   salt & pepper                              

Now, here we go...

First roll the bread flat, so you can bring it better into shape


...spread bread with butter

than whisk eggs, milk, salt and pepper well,


put bread ( with help, I took a glass ) in a little form or a cup

fill the eggmass in and sprinkle a little cheese on it


finally, wrap bacon and put it on it

...well, they must for 20 minutes in the ofen ( 180°C )

...than you get this:


so enjoy it, 

at sunday morning 

or every other day 

you like...


       ... maybe see ya next time               

all love 
★★★★★★★ CREATINA ★★★★★★★

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  1. Hallo,
    die Sonntagmorgen Muffin sind richtig gut bei uns angekommen und überhaupt nicht viel Arbeit. Super lecker.. nachmachen lohnt sich. Liebe Grüße Christine


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